We Can Do Better. Start Here.

Half a million Canadians missed work last year because of a mental health problem or illness. HALF A MILLION. We can do better. Businesses can do better. Our world is different now than 20 years ago. Our work places need to follow suit. If you want to talk money, sure we can do that. It’s estimated that over the next 30 years, Canadian businesses could LOSE 198 BILLION DOLLARS due to lost productivity related to mental health problems. But this is NOT about the money. This is about responsibility to yourself and the humans in your organization. Most of us spend more waking hours at our place of work than anywhere else. Our workplaces need to support healthy well-being. Proven tools and strategy exist and they can change these number. But, to see the change it requires change.


What are you currently doing to actively create a healthy workplace? What could you do even better?
Whether you are a solo entrepreneur, an employer or an employee, I invite you to recognize one thing YOU can do today to make your workplace better for you, just start there. Get clear about what you need first, and then do what you can with what you have right now. And tomorrow, take one more step. Don’t wait for someone else. You can make a change.
And if you can think of nothing, borrow this one – BREATH.

If people are your most important asset, then walk the talk. Give them the mental tools, strategies, and space needed to support a healthy well-being and achieve their best.