To Be or Not To Be. It’s Your Choice.

Recently, at an event, I got to engage in thought-provoking, inspiring conversations with some new people. One person I spoke with shared that his goal last year was to become a happy leader. Yet, when he reflects back, he’s not sure he actually achieved that. This got me thinking about what it might take to become a happy leader.

Becoming a happy leader requires a shift in perspective and a deeper level of self-awareness. Happiness is a choice not a destination. But, how do we really choose and experience happiness, even in the days where we are so immersed in the deadlines, details, and overwhelming obligations?

Our thoughts and actions in every moment are where the choice for happiness takes place.

But, that might sound easier that it is. So, let’s break it down a bit.

1. GRATITUDE – Practice gratitude; it is the antidote to fear and misery. Okay, maybe misery is a strong word, but you can replace it with whatever word describes how you feel when you’re not happy. Connect with what you are grateful for in all areas and situations in your life. This practice is the act of choosing happiness and discovering meaning in what you do. Which brings me to values.

2. CORE VALUES – One of the most essential pieces to becoming a happy leader is living and working in alignment with your deepest core values and beliefs. Know them well, embody them completely and move through life with them as your guide to support you in creating boundaries and knowing when to say yes or no.

3. QUESTIONS – Know why you do what you do. And, practice asking and answering these questions: “Why does this matter to me? Why is this important to me? What difference does this make? What about this aligns with my values and my desires? What would be “even better if”?

4: ACTION – Then respond to your answers through action. Take care of yourself and your choices.

What will you do today to choose happy?