There is no greater space to begin my work than at the root of the tree.

There is proof that mindfulness improves performance. I work with teachers, students in the classroom, and with parents to support them in providing mindfulness tools and strategies to children inside and outside the classroom. As a result, students experience decreased anxiety and stress and increased confidence and performance.

Connect mindfulness and meditation to the some of the following grade-school curriculums:

  1. Zones of Regulation
  2. Health Units, such as mental health
  3. Leadership units

What you can expect

  • Interactive, engaging content that supports the highest level of learning for students, staff and/or parents.
  • Science-based information on how the brain works, presented in clear, simple lessons that children and adult connect with immediately.
  • Lessons that empower the children to understand that they are captain of their thinking and in control of their brain and behaviours.  
  • Suggestions and support to implement consistent practice in and out of the classroom, so that the kids can start to experience positive results through the tools they use.

When children have a positive experience in recognizing that they were able to take charge and create a better outcome, it bolsters confidences and supports them to respond quicker in future situations.

Ways in which I work with you

  • Classroom presentations   - single classrooms, subjects (i.e. leadership, drama, dance, arts, etc.), grade levels.
  • School Assembly – interactive presentation for the whole school. The presentation can be adapted to meet the needs of the school (time, space, goals, etc.)
  • Teacher PD session – interactive session on mindfulness for kids and teens.
  • Parent Session – interactive session with the parents to share what the children have been learning and practicing in the classroom.