Choose your Space. Adjust your Vibe.

Reflecting on a past conversation with a talented and inspiring architect, I was reminded about the power of spaces and art in our environment. When done well, architecture is art. It goes from being static art to living art that ignites lasting experiences and inspired greatness in its community.

We are all architects in our lives. By this I mean, we are in charge of what we do with our space and the energy and intention we bring to it. The way we choose to adapt, nuture or change our space (both outside of us and inside) impacts our ability to be at our best in the process.

Whether in a cubicle, a corner office, a kitchen, or a park look around you. How is your space supporting you to be and do your best? .

Ask yourself

1. What is working about it?

2. What would be even better if?

Notice how different spaces and surroundings impact you ( your City, places you’ve traveled, in your building), then take what you notice and make choices to make your space better or move to a new one when needed.

I don’t mean leave your job or move to a new house or building. I mean, when you feel your space isn’t supporting you to be your best, do what you can do with what you have to change it.

How? Well, get creative in the moment and do something that feels better. Here are some ideas that might help you think of your own “how’s”.

  • clean your desk
  • dim the lights
  • turn the lights up
  • get a himalayan salt lamp
  • turn on some music (use earphones if needed)
  • declutter a shelf
  • move to a different room
  • stand up
  • go to a different coffee shop
  • go work or walk in the park
  • go sit in a building that inspires you

You don’t have to do something huge, just do something. Play with it, see what feels right.

You are in charge, and when you become aware of how your space impacts you, you can take inspired action and shift and adjust as you need so you can achieving your best. And remember, your energy is the most powerful things in the room, and the one thing you can always adjust and use to support you and others for the better.