Better Questions. Better Answers.

Ask better questions and you’ll get better answers. You’ve likely heard this before. The great Tony Robbins has a quote about this all over the internet. But, how do you actually ask better questions?

In a nutshell, here’s how:

  • Check your judgment, ego, opinions and suggests at the door. This is probably the hardest part!
  • Put the spotlight totally and completely on the other person, and get curious.
  • Actively listen by picking up on changes of tone, posture, and marker(value)words.
  • Keep your questions open ended and clear (which often means short and to the point).
  • And lastly….Pause. Take a few seconds after a response to give yourself time to really digest what someone has said. Pay attention to the natural questions that come up inside you, and then ask the question that feels right. A three second pause can feel like forever, but it’s not. Make room for the pause and use it.

Try this out in your next conversation and see how the quality of the questions, answers and conversation improves. .