“A miracle is a shift in percpective from fear to love – from a belief in what is not real, to faith in that which is. That shift in perspective changes everything” - Marianne Williamson

Julianna Bootsman is an executive coach and business alignment agent who works with leaders and companies to create real change that powerfully supports them and their people to be their very best. As a result their people flourish and their business thrives. Her work is rooted in the fundamental belief that successful people and companies can only grow their impact, wealth, and health by operating from value driven thoughts, words, and actions. By blending her ICF Coaching Accreditation with over a decade of marketing and communications work, Julianna specializes in solution-focused results that lead to her clients desired outcomes.

She has dedicated her life to the pursuit of ALIGNMENT, FULFILMENT, PURPOSE and JOY. Through coaching, consulting, workshops, and speaking, Julianna uses her gifts to guide leaders and teams to connect to and act in line with WHO they are, WHY they do what they do, and WHAT matters most to them. Her work is about bringing out the best you can be to get the results you desire, and live a life that lights you up every day!